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Hebrews Cafe .Canada's 

The Son Heir In Training School-Academy provides an enriched learning environment.

Since opening our doors in 2011, we’ve worked hard on expanding our curriculum to meet the needs of the Kingdom of Heaven's emerging kingdom activities.

Get in touch with us today to set up Your Enrollment Session.

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Home School Programs

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Sign up for the Introductory workshop. There will be an opportunity to ask about the current Home school programs and Network with other families. 


Counseling Program 

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Introduction to the Counseling Program 


Introduction Seminar


Join In : Sit with Jesus at His Table to hear about His heart for His school. Meet ups for New Candidates are currently being scheduled. Book Your Seat.

Interested in learning more about Hebrews Cafe .Canada  Presents : The Son Heir In Training School-Academy? Get in touch today!

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