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If you have been praying about what to do for school, now is a good time to have a look at the current classes available! We offer Meet Ups and Tutoring classes with Jesus. Or just ask the Lord Jesus where He would like to begin and together you can roll!

To Book Your Interview for Enrollment, please contact us at :

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The S.on H.eir I.n Training School-Academy


Our Main Building is
Hebrews CAFE read:
Hebrews Chapter 12: 22 - 24
Our Meet Up for Class Location is currently in Hope, British Columbia.
Our Fieldwork assignments will be assisting Hebrews Cafe .Canada and The Son's Hat Teams.


What Happens In Heaven-
Does Not Stay In Heaven

J.C. On The Mic!

Class Time:

Evenings: Wednesday + Friday

6pm - 8pm.

This Faculty - Branch - is Focused on

"Getting in the Batter's Box"

to see the Big Picture!
When You stand in the Box -

You can get the right perspective!


The Kings Chambers

J.C. on the Mic!

Class Time:

Saturday 11am - 6pm

Fieldwork : Sundays 2pm - 6pm

Sitting in the Throne Room!
This Faculty - Branch - is Focused on " The Risen Lord Jesus - King Jesus' Heart " See the Brochure for the courses being offered to get an Idea about What He will be "sharing".



J.C. on the mic

Class Time:

Thursday 6pm - 8pm

Fieldwork   - Sundays 6pm - 8pm

Heart - Art* Design Technology is about communication with Lasting Art-Moments.

This program supports Helping Hands Sign + Language in their academic achievements for The Risen Lord Jesus Team of Heart-Art* Specialists.

Roll In

Have A S.I.P : T.E.A.M. Work

Kingdom Community

CLASS Time: 25% of The Program. 
FIELDWORK assignments : 75% of the Program.

This Course is intended to be taken in one hand while the other hand is holding the Major or Minor.  Those who have enrolled in one of the other Programs would benefit from this as a "Pocket Size Program". 
This Program prepares those who are considering to become an Apprentice. The benefits of this program should help the Student stay focused in their school studies while supporting their goal of long term service with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ.  


Forces Of War-Ship

Revelations 7 : 11

Class Time:  75 %

Fieldwork : 25 %

Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Worship meet on the battlefield. 

This course is focused on Kingdom Combat Training and Readiness for the Battleground In Action! 


Fruit Of The Vine

Journalism Approach

The Place to Join In with The Risen Lord Jesus Christ to witness and testify Kingdom News. 

Class Time : 75 % 

Field Work : 25 %

Crown Jewels

Counsel & Compassion

Class Time : Weekends 

On Demand - Online

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Download Our Brochure! 

Truly Top-Notch

Program Guide : Brochure 
Resource Room # 010

The Holy Spirit Quote
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Student Body Council 





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