The Son Heir In Training School-Academy

Presented by Hebrews Cafe .Canada

The Risen Lord Jesus Christ's

is the owner of this School. He likes to say, "My School".

J.C. on the mic.

His Holy Spirit is the

Main Teacher and Counselor for the programs.

The Programs that The Risen Lord Jesus

is offering have been designed to meet His Chosen Few. 

The opportunity to join in His

"My S.H.I.T. School-Academy",

is one that requires a True Heart of Seeking to Know

& Be Known by "My Father",

J.C. on the mic. 



Discussion Video for Classroom Program : My Sheep Know my Voice 
Faculty : The King's Chambers 

Hanging Out with Jesus!

He Likes to Hang out in His "My Rock-Art Studio"

"If you like, you can join Me any time there. We also have a Forum for the Latest Art-Ups! Join Us for the "Art Scoop"" . J.C. on the mic!


The Cafe


This Poster Helps give You an Insight to the Design of the CAFE. It Brings to Light a Vision that I have given and use to explain my Kingdom Training and Purposes. J.C.on the mic!


The Co - Mission

My Assistant: Alicia J-aka: A.J! & Dave J. & Family

I have given My Word and My Word has be received with Thanksgiving in Your Heart.


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Hebrews Cafe .Canada offers volunteer opportunities in and through areas with in the CAFE. If you would like to become a volunteer contact your Student Body Representative. 


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