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This event will be a Private event for Hebrews Cafe .Canada
In order for the Public to attend this event, they will need to submit a written request and answer qualifying questions in order to be considered. Since it is a Private event, any public attendance must have a covenant of discretion and promise declared. The event is private and integral to all parties included. It is up to the discretion of the Exec/Director for admittance upon review of submission request for any public audiences.

2021 : 
1. Climate Change
2. Who are My Children
3. Those Who Fear The Lord
4. The Faithful Brew
5. Testing Positive
6. What Does My Name Look Like?
7. Tending My Flock
Please contact us if You wish to Add Your Idea to a future, "The Kings' Discussion Table".  
We will set it in a Motion to be added to the Agenda for future meetings. 
2021 : 
Hebrews Cafe .Canada 
The Risen Lord Jesus Christ
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