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Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God & His Righteousness and All these things shall be added unto You. Matthew 6:33

The King's Discussion Table

Around The Table
Who's Coming :
Hebrews Cafe .Canada 
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Events & Galas

When Do We Gather

To The King's Table?

Current Dates: 

Jan 15 2024  

March 15 2024 

May  30 2024

July 15 2024

September 30 2024

December 15 2024

Public Audiences: 
This event will be a Private event for Hebrews Cafe .Canada
In order for the Public to attend this event, they will need to submit a written request and answer qualifying questions in order to be considered. Since it is a Private event, any public attendance must have a covenant of discretion and promise declared. The event is private and integral to all parties included. It is up to the discretion of the Exec/Director for admittance upon review of submission request for any public audiences.
Hebrews Cafe .Canada

2023 : 
1.  The Baptism of - 
2.  The Worship of - 

3.  The Winning of - 
Please contact us if You wish to Add Your Idea to a future, "The Kings' Discussion Table".  
We will set it in a Motion to be added to the Agenda for future meetings. 

2023 : 
Hebrews Cafe .Canada 

The Risen Lord Jesus Christ
His CAFE Team
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