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002 | My Word | Advocacy | A Leg Up

From the Desk of : "Then I began to weep bitterly because no one was found worthy to open the scroll and read it. But one of the...

007 | My Word | Quote

" The moment the people turn to me " ♡ ¿ ♡ ~ 14:14. ~ The Son of God Aka: The Risen Lord Jesus Christ on the mic. #justice #alegupadvocacy

000 | My Word | Advocacy | A Leg Up

A Leg Up Advocacy provides Tools and Resources to aide those who are involved with the matters of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whether the...

006 | My Word | Quote

" Have You been asking for direction on how to win the battle? Let me show you my Hand - and we will look at the table together. " 14:14....

005 | My Word | The Son of God

" When they come to me, They need me to be God. There and then they will know who I Am - And who I am not. They need my judgement. My...

008 | My Word | Quote

"I am a good judge - a good judge of character. I see the heart and disclose the truth ~ Weight of Glory" ~ 14:14. ~ The Son of God Aka:...

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